Babysitter loves big cock daddy
Babysitter loves big cock daddy

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2011-11-18 17:43:47dan ( no dot after your name)! this is the real me. some guy obviously exited and thought he would join in !!! and cause mischief. My bf couldn't wait to get in the other girls knickers and i must admit the thought of watching him fuck another girl was a great turn on and soon i had a hand creeping up my thigh to rub my pussy. Soon all four of us were naked with cocks and pussies just waiting to be pleasured. before the night was out i had been licked and fucked by both guys and loved watching my bf with his new fuck mate. Back home i realized that my boyfriend was the best lover and he also has a bigger cock and he commented on how i was the better fuck so i don't think we will be repeating that again, not unless another couple want's some fun. XXX

2011-11-18 08:06:56dan Identity theft once agin as the above is not my comments

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2011-11-18 21:54:58The real C, I almost fainted when I read where you were having your dick sucked,,,,,then I read your last post....Thanks for not being a guy and please fuck off imposter>>.Go jack off

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2011-11-23 00:16:52She woke up at the end?? Talk about a heavy sleeper

2011-11-14 08:27:42dan loved reading that dan, let me tell you about a babysitting experience some years back. Went with a bf to sit for a young couple, after a few minutes the couple got a phone call cancelling their night out. Stay said the girl we can have our own party as she put her hand on my knee, her husband smiled at us and asked if we had ever had an orgy. No but we would love too said my randy bf. The night was spent on their big bed, i'll tell you what happened another time if your interested

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2011-11-07 missing you so much.

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2011-11-07 21:07:31C, I miss you too....Where can we talk privately on some blog or something.........They don't put lots of my post on and it fucking pisses me off....Thank you for being sweet...Dan

2011-11-09 08:28:14dan nice to see you again, had lots of fun since we last posted, spent last weekend in a gf's caravan with her and her bf. poor guy didn't know what hit him two randy girls sucking and fucking his big cock left him exhausted so we just played together girl on girl the last night im sure he loved to watch as he started to jack his own cockwhile we 69'd. XXX

2011-11-12 21:01:53I do love to talk to you C, what do you think about my last post?

2011-11-11 18:55:47dan Sorry im too far away in the Uk but love to carry on reading your messages

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2012-03-04 09:02:01Claire, any time U want some fun im ready. forget the rest im the best

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2011-10-13 18:59:29dan Dont stop your comments, they don't all get through they always deleat some. Anyway I hope i've answered some of your questions and I wish you where here now to fuck me, my pussies so wet and in need of a big cock like yours, all hard and wet ready to satisfy me XXXX

2011-10-13 14:38:30C, I wrote you a note yesterday, and again "they" didn't include it in the post...I wonder if I'm too personal with my comments and not as much about the vidio...But dammit, how much can you say about the vidio..One or twp post and that's it....Shit like "what's her name, or his name, or I want that big dick in my pussy, or nice fuck, or he needs to wash his socks...........Damn, what could be more exciting than people telling true stories abput their love life?....I'm destressed, Dan

2011-09-26 08:24:46dan If you have sex with another guy or guy's the one thing thats really important is cock quality, i don't mean that it's got to be hugh or anything like that but it must be hard and capable of delivering a good load of cum. I love girls but also fit guy's for their cocks and tasty sperm.

2011-09-24 19:48:30no kidding but he has a nice dick

2011-09-24 09:29:12Wow Dan that is a great story and reminds me of an impromtu session when I was at college. I became friends with another student and one evening called on him to borrow some books but when I arrived at his room he had another guy in there and they were half dressed and looked a bit embarrassed but soon started to relax and asked if I had a girl friend, no I replied and they asked if I would like to join them, somewhat stunned I stuttered a yes and they led me into the bedroom, Soon we were all naked with big hard cocks and sucking each others dicks and balls. It wasn't long before we all shot our loads in what was one of my most memorable sex orgies with other guys.Love guys but also love pussy. ...Efrin.

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2011-09-29 16:30:38Oh shit Efrin, I can't wait......That happened to me actually twice in college....Except I was the one that would up holding my buddie's dicks....Different guys and different times.... The first one was my roomate and bedmate, that one night we were drunk, I guess, and he was asleep, I guess...I just slid my hand into his shorts and played with his dick, and it started getting and got hard...I just held it for some time and I wanted to suck it but just didn't know how he would react......But it was big and hard and felt good maybe bec it was much bigger than mine.....6 to his 8 and thicker....Later my best friend and I were again kinda drunk and had a motel room after our dates...He was asleep and I did the same thing to him...Same results with a hard.....I know now he would have loved for me to have sucked it because I have sucked it since and he loved it...He didn't want to suck mine and I really didn't care about that.....What I have always wondered if they knew I was doing it and acting asleep or not....I have wondered if a guy really asleep would get hard if he were asleep and someone playing with it..Both got hard quick...

2011-09-28 17:07:12dan, I have a very broadminded gf and casual guy's for gay fun a few times a month. Went out on a lads night out and had to take one guy home with me as he was quite the worse for drink. Back at mine he wanted to pee so I took him to the bathroom, removed his pants and held his cock while he peed, nice cock. Got him onto the bed with just his T shirt on and I undressed and we fell asleep. The following morning I awoke and my cock was being stroked, what happened next I'll tell you later

2011-09-28 04:17:39Efrin, are you married, or gf?...I tseems you have a bf as well...How often do you suck a guy?....Any other kind of sex..Sleepy, sorrry, Dan

2011-09-21 16:42:23Remember, Hilife, as I have said, they are TRUE, or they would not turn me on to tell them....Once when I was in Knoxville, my "new" cars homanical balancer broke and while waiting for a cab, a young UT college guy rode by me standing on the corner and made eye contact, as I did to him..He circled the block and stopper the nex ttime and asked if I needed a ride. I was proberly 35 then and really fit, so he knew i wasn't trash, but I was a little drunk...It was like 1 am......I got in his car and he hadn't gone one block and he asked me what I was into? I just said anything, and with that his hand jumped into my lap and he rubbing my dick....I said to him, where can we go and he said he knew a place...It was behind a post office and had a private lawn out back...He produced a blanket and we lay on it and touched each other....Then to my suprise he leaned down and kissed me and his tongue slid into my mouth....Well, being my first guy kiss i kissed him back and for like 10 minutes, we french kissed...I twas so different to me but I liked it....Then we stood up and stripped and held each other's dicks...His being somewhat larger than mine....Maybe 6 vs 7 1/2 and he was thicker and get this, not circumsized...I had never touched one before and the skin amazed me and I played with it to learn about it....He then leaned down and sucked my tits and I almost lost it damn I went wildish.....Then he dropped to his knees an dtook my 6 in his mouth, and I said let's lay down.....there he worked his majic on me, until I was about to cum, and pulled away....I said to him lay back, and I did the same to him, tits then his big dick.....I made love to that thing for about 20 minutes until be erupted in my mouth..His cum was salty, slimmy, and warm, and lots of it...After he cooled down, he said ok your turn and he sucked me fast, slow and some with the head in his mouth, and that was where he was when I couldn't hold back any longer......He too took my cum and it went down after he held it in his mouth a minute or so....We dressed, not talking, and he took me back to the corner for the cab stand. I asked him to come to my hotel room but he had a test the next day, so he couldn't...I have often wondered what would happened if it had been a friday night, or he didn't have a test...Oh my I think we would have sucked all night.......It was fun.....Dan

2011-09-21 16:01:43Hilife, thank you......Are you a male or female and are you bi either way......I am, and I love to just find a guy that loves to be made to feel good and cum and I can help him.....I don't make up stories....They are from years of being there, doing them..Some may be off color to some, but to me it's what you like..I am NOT gay and I have a beautiful wife that has always loved to have a hard dick in her pussy or mouth....She doesn't know all of my other life.....But she has sucked a friends tit 3 times so she's had some bi fun...Her friend wanted to eat each other but she wouldn't go that far...I wish she had.....Talk to me and let's keeep learning each other...I live in the USA, Dan

2011-09-13 20:59:40Horny Sluuuuuuut - I'm here and ready for you!

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2011-09-10 14:26:29I'm giving up if someone doesn't write like they finished grade school......

2011-09-14 12:59:03is there anyone reading this that can have a decent conversation

2011-09-18 08:47:20Dan...I know what you mean. Take a look at my comments on some of the other sites.

2011-09-20 23:35:53Dan. You seem to be the master story teller here so please enlighten and amaze everyone with some more of your sensational cock sucking tales...

2011-09-20 13:49:53Efrin, I willl look and thanks..... Dutch Girl, I love to watch the fucking and sucking too....It makes my dick hard...You can see from above I am open minded...Are you? do you hav ea husband, bf or gf? what in real life makes you cum when you think hard enough...Talk to me girl

2011-09-19 14:26:43Dan, I can have a decent conversation... But how decent is it gonna get? I'm just here 2 watch porn and get wet, not to have conversations. XD

2011-09-30 07:06:56dan... To continue, I looked at my new found friend and saw a magnificent Hugh hard cock that I just couldn'rt resist rubbing. we both needed to pee and went to the bathroom but it's neigh imposible to pee with a raging hard-on so I suggested we get under the running shower but that didn't help and as I said i'm about to cum he knelt down and took my load in his mouth.I then did the same, we kissed and as our cocks relaxed we were able to pee on one another. Showed each other and returned to bed for the rest of the morning. Great fun.

2011-09-30 13:25:47Efrin, damn what a hot story...My dick is hard because of thinking about you taking his load in your mouth....Have you and he gotten together since that encounter? Oh and is he circumsized? and you? I have seen pix of some guys that when limber their skin covers all and more of their head...and others that seem not to cover the head when limber...And I have seen some when hard still has some skin over the head and some so tight you can't tell they have any skin(like me)................Enlighten me, as I know most english guys aren't cut.... Also Efrin, what do you think went on when I stroked my 2 buddy's dicks...Were they asleep when their dicks got rock hard, or were they just playing possum and enjoying my hand holding their dick......I want to know what you think....I know we wake up with a hard lots of mornings, but this wasn't a morning hard....They both grew hard while i held and stroked them....I think if a guy is fully asleep, no amount of touching will make him hard, because your brain is asleeep also...Tell me what you think please, Dan

2011-10-10 01:18:34C, oh shit that was sooooooooo fucking hot...Loved it and I could just picture how you just happened up on a good thing....How big do yoou think he was? Did it feel funny having your lips both on his lips and his dick?...just how black was his skin? Could you take all of his dick? Oh damn I love the thought of your answers.Tell me how it all felt....I assume you are bi...Have you done lots with girls?..Have you ever fucked a friends hubby? I have, well I sucked her hubby, and fucked her 3 times, 2 regular and once in her ass....She asked me to do it.....Oh I love you, Dan

2011-10-08 08:14:09dan Im sitting here fingering my pussy.I have only ever had one black guy and that was at a party when I slipped into the bedroom to get something from my coat pocket which was with others on the bed, suddenly a girl ran out of the room and as I entered a fit naked black guy was pulling his trousers up. We chatted and he told me she changed her mind about a fuck when she saw his massive cock. Well I wasn't going to pass on this so I just said that I'd love to see his cock and wow it was big and I simply dropped to my knees and sucked it. Naturaly we both ended up naked and he fucked me like I'd never experienced before. Never saw the guy again and im still looking for another fit black guy. XXX

2011-10-07 13:17:07C my wife came in and I had to cut off of my last post.....I do so want to hear about some of your stories, and for some reason a white girl/black guy turns me on

2011-10-07 13:09:34Claire, I so want to talk to you.....I'm short on time now but later I want to hera about your past...

2011-10-11 18:50:15C. where are you? And Efrin too..........Waiting and longing for you both, Dan

2011-10-12 03:51:42Whats his name

2011-10-13 05:32:06Yyummmmmm iwana sex now

2011-10-12 18:19:10Jeez are such a hottie...would love to get to know you more! Gotta go to work, but maybe when i get back..

2011-10-12 09:22:45dan So many questions dan. I think the black guy was about 10 inches long, kissing him was normal as he wasn't a negro but sucking his big dick was a jaw acher. He was a lovely dark brown guy and He didnt go balls deep but produced a hell of a lot of cum. Yes I am bi and have several friends both male and female to enjoy sex with. Fucked a friend boyfriend but with her present. Im going to see a gf now. loveU XxX

2011-10-06 22:42:38It often works if you try again a day later Love to hear from you ,don't despair

2011-10-06 21:14:23To whom it may concern.....Please enter my recent post, so that we can keep our stories going, Dan

2011-10-01 15:24:04How experienced are you at baby sitting? I'd love to hear some of your stories but only if they are true.....We only speak the truth here..... Efrin, thank you for your help....I'm pleased that you agree with me on "sleeping hards"..Claire, what do you think about the subject?....Have you ever touched a guys dick while he was asleep, and what did it do, get hard or stay limp?...Efrin, this wasn't a wet dream, as they started to grow as soon as my hand started moving on their dicks...Both times it was the same..Instant growing to rock hard....Down deep I hope they knew I was playing with them, which I was...It's like playing or sucking a guy in a golry hole vidio store...You don't know him, and he doesn't know you...Except in this case we knew each other but he didn't know that I wasn't asleep touching his dick(although I expect they knew I was awake) and they acted like they were asleep, so that it like didn't happen...But it did and I loved it and apparently they did too.....Oh I wanted to suck both of them but couldn't bring myself to do it......I did actually suck the second one twice later on in a few years, once with his wife watching and she was going wild watching me suck her husbands dick......Comments anyone?, Dan

2011-09-30 20:02:00Im an experienced baby sitter

2011-09-30 19:27:30dan... A lot of questions here. Yes I have had the pleasure again with my new friend, It wasn't as intense but stil 10/10. Neither of us are circumsized, Im glad as the bell end is more sensitive as it's been protected from constant rubbing against clothes etc.I dought guy's can get hard when asleep unless they are having a wet type dream. I think the guys are pretending to be asleep and enjoying the attention

2011-10-03 07:31:55dan I think guy's know you are feeling their dicks if they start to grow with the attention.

2011-10-03 08:10:55dan I must admit that I am not really an experienced baby sitter but have done some with my boyfriend as its a good opportunity to get somewhere to fuck in private. I have played with a guys cock when he's asleep and they usualy wake up as they start to get hard, thats maybe just me rubbing too hard. I have had sex with guys when being taken home late at night after sitting, if you want to know more let me know,

2011-10-06 16:40:45Claire, these oeople are apparently blocking my post from the blog....I have written several really long ones and I wont be able to keep writing post if they wont allow them to be posted....Sorry, Dan

2011-10-04 07:32:43dan I think that has cleared things up nicely dan. Yes I have fucked a married man. I started having sex quite young with boys of my own age who would play with my tits and finger my pussy before fucking me. It was only after I got friendly with a man from work that I found true sexual satisfaction, a guy who took his time lovemaking and the first man to lick and suck my pussy before penetrating me with his big cock, he taught me to suck his cock and even the joy of sucking him off and there's Claire xx

2011-10-03 14:49:19Oh I always want to know more...In the above case, being me, their close friend with their dick in my hand, I think they would have been embarrassment to them to let me know that they knew what I was doing....The stay asleep was so I would keep doing it, and no one had to ever acknowledge anything ever happened...I wanted more, like sucking each of them, but just couldn't bring myself to do it....Loooking back I should have done it and just said well I'm a little curious, that's why I sucked your dick last night....I have often wondered if I had would they still continued to possum....But I would say when the cum started, they would have to have had to admitt being awake..... Tell me some things that you have done....Have you fucked a married guy...My wife did and I will tell that also, Dan

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2011-08-21 22:58:55that was hawt! You can be my babysitter anytime (;

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2011-08-23 12:54:16a Could you and others talk a little more please....

2011-08-25 14:58:56the last part made me laugh so hard

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2011-09-05 00:28:47Haha anons comment was the best

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