Green purple people eater PT.2
Green purple people eater PT.2

Length:  10:03


Views: 1007399

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2010-09-07 00:24:02Porn Stars from Mars

2010-08-29 23:17:42Hahahahahaaa weeeeird!! hot xD

2010-08-26 15:57:52That was weird

2010-09-20 22:15:12I like that one guys comment I have just seen the future.... Now that's funny

2010-10-11 02:00:55they are namecs from dragon ball z

2010-11-02 21:40:55WTF!!!!

2010-11-02 12:51:13I like green. They can capture me anytime!!

2010-08-23 22:29:36Oh wow thats just akward how dudes find this hot? o.o

2010-08-22 08:00:29dude their inspiration must be from the artist coop! check out his alien girls he also does devil girls ooh i love voluptuous women!

2010-08-13 20:44:46hahaha wtf is this

2010-08-12 21:22:09i can bet my meat to this all day long

2010-08-12 03:21:56What the fuck is this? Is bizare but fucking hot.

2010-08-15 16:52:31UFO PORNO!!!!

2010-08-15 21:21:28Okaaaaay! - I must say, this is turning me on, even though this is really WEIRD! ..

2010-08-20 06:35:19lol

2010-08-19 06:39:33lol ur green skin comes to white cuz of cum Xd

2010-11-14 14:57:32I really only have one question... Is this great, or greatest ever?

2010-12-12 00:48:34Does anyone know who these porn stars are? They look hot, or is it just the green makeup?

2012-02-10 22:10:07love their bodies, wow!

2012-01-18 08:39:36If all porn was this campy, I'd watch a lot more porn. XD

2011-11-08 21:36:04did she just suck an antenna???

2012-03-19 21:41:13FLO? is that you?

2012-04-01 22:29:20Make them into a movie!!!

2012-10-20 07:03:13This video is fuckin sexy

2012-06-25 08:07:28picollo fantasy

2011-11-01 19:56:37the names are summer cummings and elizabeth starr.

2011-06-29 04:32:48Planet 51, for real! Where's the astronaut dude

2010-12-21 22:22:28Seriously, I would like to see the whole movie. Anyone know the real name? Searching "green alien lesbian porn" isn't narrowing it down much.

2010-12-20 21:11:01WHAT THE FUCKIN FUCK WITH FUCKis this

2010-12-15 20:58:53wtf tht was hotttttttttttttt mm i want pussy and dick cuz im bi

2010-12-23 10:59:24as far as i know (im new to it didnt rele start until 22) always take ur time and keep going and dont ask to stop ( my gf tends to say "HELL NO" )

2011-01-24 20:40:38Its hot but wtf is this

2011-05-15 10:59:28Was any one else disappointed when you found out it was just green paint?? I was getting into it assuming they were real aliens then was the paint rubbed off totally turned me off..

2011-03-07 05:39:24i wish i could join in

2010-08-12 02:55:56this is hot

2010-08-11 02:03:14what's this?!

2010-08-08 20:46:05This is so funny! LOL!

2010-08-08 20:43:51lol

2010-08-08 20:30:04strangest stuff i've ever seen.

2010-08-08 20:59:24k, what did i just watch

2010-08-08 21:24:43hahah

2010-08-08 21:29:55great fantasy girls!!!

2010-08-08 21:25:11I lol´d so hard.

2010-08-08 20:22:06HAhaHahaHahAHahHAhaHAhaHahAHAHH

2010-08-08 20:05:57This is how the future will be when we go out of the earth...

2010-08-08 18:26:47i like this intergalactic porn

2010-08-08 18:16:00WTF is this? haha

2010-08-08 16:35:35I enjoyed wanking to this. It's a little different. Lesbians have told me that most guys don't know how to eat pussy but girls generally do. This video is a good example of how you should be going about it. As with eating anything else, pussy always tastes better when you take your time.

2010-08-08 18:48:39haha, I can't believe what i'm seeing here

2010-08-08 19:06:22this is weird but i would fuck both of them

2010-08-08 19:51:27so ugly!

2010-08-08 19:11:55well that was just weird

2010-08-08 21:56:29Now i know why Captain Kirk went for the green girls..

2010-08-08 22:16:05This is very odd

2010-08-10 05:30:37ur paint is cumin off. ;p

2010-08-10 03:32:58Is this shit for real?

2010-08-09 20:02:23What ist the name of the movie?

2010-08-10 07:40:53this is by far the most bizarre thing i have EVER seen

2010-08-10 14:59:01this is really wierd

2010-08-11 00:33:43I have just seen the future....

2010-08-10 23:44:22wtf???

2010-08-09 11:24:50YEAH RUB MY ANTLERS!!!

2010-08-09 07:59:58weird

2010-08-08 22:52:56Wait a minute... this are not real Martian!

2010-08-08 22:21:34too weird

2010-08-08 22:19:36wie geil ist das denn ich lauf gleich aus

2010-08-09 00:36:30now thats sick!

2010-08-09 01:38:54interesting but what the fuck ?!

2010-08-09 07:35:19lol

2010-08-09 07:29:43very funny :)

2010-08-08 16:22:24I watched this video 2 minutes ago and there was 360 views. Now theres almost 3,000. Theres some curious people out there
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