jerking off together
jerking off together

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December 19, 2010bryan - A camera tripod would do the trick then your wife could could lick and suck our balls while we 69. For a good porn film ending we would have to aim and shoot into each others mouths without spilling any cum. can you do that ?? Oh bryan I want your spunk soo much !!

December 17, 2010She can hold the camera, but it still may not be steady, she will also be playing with herself.

December 12, 2010bryan - Can your wife not hold the camera? I think we would make good porn stars together, High definition movie of us cumming together, wow that would be worth seeing.

January 02, 2011No point just wanking when you have a guy next to you, get involved with each other, suck & fuck

February 28, 2011How the right one moves his legs when he gets the orgasm

July 11, 2010My friend & I were looking at some porn mags & it was obvious we were both turned on. We each tried to hide our boners until I took the initiative and said, "I really enjoy jacking off with this stuff. Do you?" He looked at me and just said, "Yeah". I said," Then why don't we just do what makes us happy and do what guys do?" I pulled off my shorts and started pumping away. He joined me and we both had VERY intense orgasms and shot all over the mag we were holding between us. Had to throw the mag away, but it was the first of MANY jackoff sessions we had for about 3 years before my friend moved away.

June 30, 2010how do i convince a friend to make this im not gay imi heterosexual but im curious

December 10, 2010Can i video tape it!!! I can play it back later and jerk off to it...course I'll be jerking off while I hold the camera- I'll TRY to hold it steady, but it might be tough when I cum.

December 10, 2010play boys - I'm here and ready to join in sucking your cocks making you both cum in my mouth. Must insist that you suck me off as well, can you handle a big cock ?

August 28, 2010we do it a lot me and my girl friend after school its great rubbing pussys in front of each other a real turn on

August 03, 2010me and my friend jack off together alot but not naked. i wanna suck him off just to try it but he says no :( lol

2012-06-09 11:59:19why O why jerk yourselves off when a there is another guy's nice hard cock only inches away. My bf agrees and said that if that was us we would have wanked each others cocks and sucked the cum of them.

September 05, 2010i would love to jack w/ another bud, id love to jack off w/ him to my wife and other hot chicks/

October 03, 2010lol that guy on the right is so skinny!

December 04, 2010Frottage Lover my best friend an I did same way but we swaped pics he had pics of my wife an i had ones of his sis i took awile b4 we did anymore he looks alot like the one on the right we have each sucked and i tryed riding his cock but i came b4 the head was in we watch alot of shemale videos but i can out suck him anyday now. We want to have the rite person walk in on us and join

November 24, 2010Come on guy's if you and your mate are going to jack off at least help each other by sucking the others cocks.

July 20, 2010my female friend & I did that and holy shit was amazing we watched each other finger our pussys and it was awwesome many orgasms i love watching this stuff
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