Streaming and Shooting Cum. Spritzing.
Streaming and Shooting Cum. Spritzing.

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2011-12-22 00:53:10Oh Samuel - I would love to assist you in your milking. The very thought has me trembling. I am without a boyfriend at the moment, and yearn to be penetrated by a stiffened cock such as yours. You have no idea how much I need it! I too love the gorgeous cock above. Alas - I can't have it.

2011-11-19 00:57:56I am a spermaholic. There, I said it. I could make a lot more if Penny came back.

2011-11-16 23:15:01You broke it.

2011-11-04 22:18:40Hi Penny Let me know what you are doing with that pussy of yours. I need to get into it so badly.

2011-11-07 22:45:28I'm back. Pardon me if I stutter in my tyiping. I want that sweet sultry English country girl back as well. Let me paint a picture. My GF is out of town. I just put together a party package for tonight. A Fleshlight Wonderwave with (hopefully with her Goddesses permission!). For you voyeurs in the loop, I have set up vanity mirrors so I can watch the action. Kinda make me cum harder watching my own self cum. Fuck, I'm kinda making a precum drool now. I need to get a towel for the ...well, Ok, Penny will be back. I wish I could say I was gonna hold this load for her, but I'm afraid I might only last a few more mibutes..... Penny, sorry to say you brought this on, my dear. Whoever you are, wherever you dwell, you have a virtual clubhouse of fans. We made a good team. Let us know if you've moved on to other videos. Guys, you might want to check out the guy who cums with homemade vibrators. The chicks love the vocals......I got off with him this morning! Oh, Penny, I miss you. The cums I

2011-11-15 01:08:56Penny Dear I have been sitting up nights and longing to hear from you, but you don't talk to us any more. Ease up dear, and let me get to work on my cock again!

2011-12-27 17:56:43Oh Penny ^^^ You drive us all wild for your touch. We all can dream about entering your love canal so deeply. Please honor us all with your posts of lust. I can only be naughty when you are around.

2012-01-03 15:52:49Penny and Jack i have been following your little affair on the last few months! I have cum so many times reading and watching the vids that U both love so much. I am bi and i really love watching this guy cum and visit here often. Seeing him cum and cum drives me wild and reading Ur notes to Jack and other is the icing on the cake for me.

2012-02-03 09:10:28Penny...Reading your many comments gets me so hard and I just have to have a wank wishing you were here to help me, I love it when a girl licks my balls before sucking on my cock and I love to pleasure girls with my tongue. It would be great to have you on top in a 69 enjoying each others wetness before I slip my throbbing cock into your juicy cunt and show you how a chick should be fucked. Afterwards watching sperm oozing from your hole is another thrill to tell you about another time... Love Efrin

2012-02-04 07:32:10Im not gay but I love the thought of that in my mouth and going off like that

2012-02-20 15:18:14i never get tired of watching you cum.i want all your cum in my mouth.

2012-01-23 22:27:48Hello mrdarock. I was so distressed to see your note. I will start by looking at the most important thing you said - "I am a good man...." If you are, or even if you are just trying to be, then you are ahead of many of us. Much of what Jack and I and others have said on these sites is our way of flirting. More truthfully, it's our way of overcoming the lonely spots in our own lives, just as you experience. After all, if I was having a gloriously busy sex life, then you wouldn't see me on this site - would you? You sound like a very nice guy, mrdarock, and I would't be at all surprised if some nice girl notices that and grabs you before too long. First believe it - then it will happen. Lots of love and luck to you. Hmmm ! Maybe it should be me. Penny XXX

2012-01-21 02:40:22my god, I bet you give the best facials. I would love that cum dripping off of my face and tits. You make me so wet!

2012-01-03 15:57:25Oh and you should look at MY.cums as well! It drives me wild!

2012-01-14 00:30:23Nobody new here. Where have the lovely boys gone?

2012-01-20 03:22:30Hello Penny. I am new here tonight. I am always lonely because I am small and weak. Reading your comments help me to know what a women feels and expects from a man. I have been turned down (just for a dance) since junior high. I come to these sites to live thru your experiences. I am a good man who loves sex, Unfortunately, my sex life only includes me. Please keep telling us about you. I am very jealous of your friend Jack, but I have over the years come to understand that I am less than, and envy those that have sex. I am not a virgin but come on, only a dozen times in the last 20 years. Thank God for the Internet.

2011-11-02 17:35:52Jack. Where is she man? Go get her back. How you think Im gonna cum? I am talking about Penny. Go fix it.

2011-11-02 17:13:26No Penny here for 11 days. My dick is really wilting. Anyone else want to vote for her?

2011-10-20 16:01:22Lovely Jack - I am going to stick to this particular web page for the moment when I feel hot and write to you. It will save hunting about. I do hope that the webmaster can put up with us and our lust for a while. After all, he helped to get us into this orgasmic state with videos such as our hero above! Lovely! XXXX

2011-10-20 18:32:38Hey, Dan...guess we made quite a splash around here! (pun intended, listen to the video!) I too would love to hear Penny's desciption of her best orgasms. She must have some toys to practice with! Kegel excercises help strengthen the cum muscles for both men and women. In my younger days I used to do them in my office chair at work...until it made a few drops of pre-cum in my bikini briefs. I'd get so horny I had to go to the bathroom and wrap some tissue around my cock so it wouldn't soak through my slacks! Not sure if gals get horny doing kegels. Penny? Need your sweet input here! As for vaginal contractions during orgasm, I can only relate my own experiences - for the male, they are total BLISS! Only a few times have I been able to hold back my orgasm when my partner cums. Sex is all senses, and watching a beautiful woman (and they are ALL beautiful when they cum!) and hearing the moans makes it hard to hold back. God help me if my partner gets vocal! As an example, "Oh, fuck, baby....I'm about to cum! Fuck, do it HARDER!" pretty much guarantees I'm gonna flood that pussy with a thick, forcefully delivered hot load. If it works out to be a simultanious orgasm, the fight is on! Her contractions milk my cock. My cock, in turn, swells and pumps out jets of semen deep inside. A good SO can last nearly a minute, and the "after pulses" can rattle our bodies for several more. I know this is just a fantasy but Penny makes me so damn horny! I dropped a very thick, white, clumpy load last night picturing her watching. Oh, she sounds SO sexy and horny - every man's dream darling. I hope she finds a compatible partner soon! But then she might stop posting... :( I think I may have to go pay tribute to Penny and this video. NOW. An excrutiatingly slow stroke with lube....the kind where you stay at 99% for about 5 minutes and then slowly succumb. The full-body cum this produces is just heavenly. I'll be back to report!

2011-10-21 10:07:28Thanks for your reply, Penny. The thing I was writing about was when a woman deliberately does her kegels while a man is inside her, neither one cumming, but both enjoying the feeling. Particularly if the woman can do a side-to-side motion, or move her squeezes up the shaft with a really strong squeeze on the head. The challenge to the guy is to keep his cock still and keep from cumming so he can enjoy the motion. Or the woman can keep still and the guy can move his cock solely by doing kegels. Both of these take practice but it the result is well worth the effort.

2011-10-20 15:53:14Hello Pat. It's lovely to hear that I turn you on with my pussy spasms. I didn't think that it was vey unusual, although my girlfriend seem to think so. It's very noticeable when a cock is in me very deep and is bumping my cervix, I think. I think that's the entrance to my womb at the far end of my pussy. My ex used to feel it sometimes when he was extra rampant. When it is that far up, it squirts straight into my womb, ans sets off my lovely spasms. Oh dear! - Here I go again! You know what happems to me when I get talking to you lovely open-minded boys. I'll have to go to my bedroom now. I hope Jack writes soon.

2011-10-19 10:04:18It would be great if Penny told us a bit more about her pussy's grip. Does she do kegels when a guy's stiff cock is inside her, and how do guys usually respond? Are there any particular motions she favors? Strong pussy muscles are a real turn-on for most guys, so seeing what a woman who knows how to work those muscles has to say would also be a turn-on.

2011-10-17 17:18:19I just love that cock. I want to milk it so bad.

2011-10-17 22:19:04Your notes are doing wonders for my self confidence, Jack. I haven't been very outgoing lately, after I had a bit of a bad time with one guy. Now, with your exciting outlook I'm feeling so hot, and that good devil is getting back into me. Maybe I'll tell you more about my sexual past sometime. I've been a generous girl! Keep well and take care of your gorgeous equipment you lovely man. This is my most favourite site of all!

2011-10-19 08:26:12Come on Penny and Jack! I am holding my cock and waiting deparately to see your next messages.

2011-10-21 23:57:41Sorry Pat - I didn't even know what Kegels are. I have looked them up today. What happens to me isn't deliberate - it just happens. It is true that when it does happen, we can sometimes just relax and let my pussy bring us on - lovely. Are you a doctor, Pat? I'm a bit off medical people at the moment - our vet came onto me yesterday. He's quite dishy, but too pushy, so he didn't get far!

2011-10-22 00:26:14My naughty Jack! So many questions! Such lovely lustful thoughts! What shall we do with you? I think that I will try to describe a girl's orgasm for you sometime, but it will be difficult - there are no words for some of these feelings as I'm sure you know. I expect that the moments leading up to your sperm pulsing from your cock are more easily stuttered and dribbled about than spoken of. In the meantime, lovely Jack, leave your partner alone for a little while and take your cock in your hand for ME. Watch our lovely man above to help you on your way, and bring yourself to a lovely climax - then pump out lots of beautiful sperm for ME, as I shall be getting Mister Twister's help to cum for you. I'm getting really obsessed with sex - it's your fault (and our hero). Night night Bad Man.

2011-10-27 08:23:15Just left another pearly hot mess while reading Penny's post. Thank you sweetheart!

2011-10-27 13:34:19I just filled my fleshlight with a hot creamy load. Only 20 minutes ago but just typing this has me hard again! Thank you, sweet Penny!

2011-10-29 23:18:40Hi Jack - Good to be in touch. Glad I'm not alone in being Penny's slave. She comes to bed with me evey night, and I cum to her hot words every time I can get it up - which is very often at the present!. The thing is that after couple of drinks, I only need a few stroke while reading her notes before I cum like a rocket. Man! I didn't know I had so much juice. I'm red and raw and wanting more. When she talked about her pussy clenching when she cums, I had to have 3 in a row! The spritzing guy is doing us all a big big favour. Be good to her and keep her talking my friend. We need it!

2011-10-26 13:57:34Thank you, Sweet Penny. My tight little scrotum is in recovery mode. About an hour ago I drained a creamy load just for you. I had a couple vodkas last night and got a little too buzzed to cum. But this morning something came up besides the sun! So I found myself back here. Ohhh, that last cum was good! The ones you have to work for are the BEST! Maybe I need to spill another hot load right now......

2011-10-25 21:24:05Penny I feel the same way as Jack. You get me so sexed up. Come back and do it some more The world is pumping hundreds of gallons of cum for you.

2011-10-22 01:20:54Jack - So sorry to be a nuisance. Had a few sherries and two orgasms because of you. Don't care if you're old or ugly (which you may well be). Do care that you're so far away (which you are) - You West coast USA - me East coast England. I do seem to be getting it wrong just at the minute. That's MY finger probing into your bottom as you massage your beautiful cock towards your climax. That's ME moistening my finger and running it over your purple tip as you start to twitch - and that's ME holding and very gently tugging your balls as you stream out your pearly sperm like our man above. And Jack - that's ME licking up the lovely mess. Seen it on videos and always wanted to do that. Rude and crude. Maybe I have finally killed our strange relationship. Going to bed now. Feeling ALONE. Not your fault, lovely Jack.

2011-10-25 10:49:29Hey Penny - Cheer up. I am relying on you to keep my cock stiff and spurting. Hope you meant it when you promised to describe your orgasm to us. That should maximise my flow!

2010-05-27 05:42:37A woman would know she has been fucked with that lot inside her.
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