Two happy people share bed and sex
Two happy people share bed and sex

Length:  16:04


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2011-10-21 17:16:37Tess I guess you like this movie!

2011-10-21 17:18:37sexy Guess you like this movie!

2011-10-09 00:23:30You can tell she's a 'lady' cause she's wearing a peal necklace. What-no anal!!??

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2013-08-22 04:30:49?

2014-08-08 11:37:04we watched this video so many times and like it so much.. the way tezz and the boy is make each other happy is really looking great.. after watching this 1st time me and my gf and do exactly like this and we like it so when ever we meet and make sex many times we act like both of this guys.. thanks for sharing such a beautiful video.. aah.. tezz like it so much..

2012-08-26 00:02:07The acting was so much better back then ;) lol

2012-06-06 22:12:50@sexy Little bit obsessed with Tess, are we?

2011-12-31 07:24:46Tess is a HOT grandmother now. This video is 25-years-old.

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