Two shemales and their stud
Two shemales and their stud

Length:  25:17


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2010-10-18 06:26:26what is the name of the one with black hair?

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2010-11-06 03:57:07no kiddin' earth ? WTF

2010-11-04 20:56:30best thing about shemales= their boobs are fake so they can make them perfect and @Earth, what the fuck man?

2010-11-01 04:02:00The world is coming to an end.

2010-10-16 17:29:43Never been with a shemale but i could do these two in a second.

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2010-08-30 17:39:06love to do all three

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2010-09-08 23:52:11lovely..

2010-10-11 09:25:50me gustaria que mi mujer se entretuviera con qualquiera de las 2

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2010-06-27 18:08:46Really hot and really cute. I enjoyed it a loooottttt !

2010-06-28 08:14:09i would love to fuck them both

2010-06-27 21:21:23ma questo video è stato girato dalle parti di rimini?? come so entra a far parte del vostro cast??

2010-06-27 20:55:27i will be the guy

2010-06-27 18:11:32Would you do the same things to me?

2010-07-01 21:46:39you're right xxx, this is totally weird

2010-07-03 16:50:45Hot trans on trans action! Looking good, girls!

2010-07-17 03:59:08im straight but after seeing this iont know anymore, shemales make dicks look so hot

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2010-07-04 08:04:03shemales are sexy as hell... wish i could get with one sometime. i would prolly never go back to being straight.

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2010-11-09 18:54:44there needs to be many more of these types of videos.

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2011-04-11 02:38:23Anyone know who the names of these two models?

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2011-04-18 07:22:09for all those straight men questioning their sexuality, don't feel bad...your dicks get hard by anything warm and moving....can't control it...however to answer your question, "You can dress up a duck to look like a turkey, but bottom line hunni it's still a duck" this is not and with all the surgeries in the world will never be considered a scientifically sound female; nonetheless does that take from their beauty. They do have a hard life though, the straight male will secretly yearn for her as he publicly shuns her. The gay male will admire her, but will not be attracted to her. You best shot is the openly bi male...good luck on that one.

2011-04-19 15:42:11These are seriously the hottest shemales i've ever seen! I wan't to fuck them so bad! I have cummed to this video like 30 times!

2011-05-23 18:55:03I cant wait to try and wrap my lips around a cock and make it cum. I hope I get the chance.

2011-05-23 18:39:15dicklover I havent sucked a dick before either but have fantasized about it often.I wondered what it would be like to actually suck a hard cock as well as have another man suck mine. It really turns me on.

2011-05-22 23:13:50i've never sucked dick but i really want to

2011-05-22 04:12:21can anyone tell me the name of the brunnete? is amazing

2011-05-23 20:04:34this has made me sooo horny, iv neve done it before but i want someone to come and fuck my tight ass nowwww...

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2011-05-01 12:25:39Huuuuummmmmmmm, i love it, i would like to be with the 2 shemales...

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2011-05-20 02:44:32I love it that the brunettes cock stays hard as she is getting fucked... fucking love it, makes me hard as hell

2011-05-19 21:37:00lucky guy I would Love to between those two gorgoues she-males, I have a GF aswell but if the oppertunity cam to me I wouldnt say no.

2011-05-13 05:04:17Sweet Trannies!

2011-05-08 13:16:12awesome!

2011-03-10 10:26:44OMFG!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! where do i find a couple of shemales to fuck me like that

2011-03-07 19:03:04I'm not gay, but I definetely would take the blond one.

2010-12-21 07:57:33I want to marry both of you hot tgirls,ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!Me un elsexo amigo chicas interesante' buenos dias!

2010-12-20 17:36:55hottest fuckin movie EVER

2010-12-19 08:37:22So hot!!!!!

2010-12-19 01:38:48i want to meet this girls,they are great


2010-12-29 19:03:17Kingleathercock, I think you said it best. Can I join you?

2011-01-07 22:14:08Would love to have a hung shemale fuck me in my pussy

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2010-12-11 10:02:51i do anything these two wanted

2010-11-15 22:05:26Every time i see this, well, it's just so good.

2010-11-14 23:59:48Does any one know the name of this brunette shemale?or both of them?

2010-11-14 02:37:56@Confused - Hey man, it doesn't matter. Who cares about the technicalities? All you need to know is whether you like it or not, and I love it!

2010-11-13 21:51:40i need to suck those cocks...wife is in work now...

2010-11-19 02:21:53Hot ... BUT these are blokes with surgery and implants (@YOP ... spot on) Most shemales aren't that convincing close up ... Still - who cares when you've got their cock in your mouth

2010-11-19 04:57:36Time to go watch normal to porn to reaffirm that I am still straight. God damn.

2010-12-06 06:09:42That was fucking HOT!! I'm going to have to watch that one again, my cock is aching like hell. I'd love to be fucked by them.

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2010-11-26 13:36:53any one know who these to shemales are??

2011-01-08 09:51:14would LOVE to suck their cocks- all 3, actually.

2011-01-09 04:40:24i wanna 2 the third!!!

2011-02-08 19:27:50this is the hottest i have ever seen. i would love to suck both of them. can any body help me...i am really turned on

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2011-02-18 17:49:14molto eccitante!! sarebbe molto bello fare una cosa del genere!!!


2011-03-06 14:03:29eccitante... vorrei scoparle tutti e due....

2011-02-28 21:02:00can't believe how aroused I was... I'm a hetero female and just masturbated watching this... so hot! Cocks, so many cocks and all fucking each other! Brilliant.

2011-02-28 14:59:23who is a blonde shemale?

2011-02-24 23:27:31amazing how hot a dude looks when he gets all dolled up. great video

2011-01-28 17:05:34wow im cumming just watching them i wish iwas getting fucked by both of the

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2011-01-18 05:16:11Ooh this is such as fuckin sxc vid. I am a shemale myself and it is the besst thing everr. Any other shemales from Adelaide, Australia on here? ;)

2011-01-26 13:46:06im the man :)

2011-01-25 20:08:12one can be my wife

2011-01-20 00:52:12Id love to be sucking one,and letting the other fuck me up the ass soooo hot

2010-06-27 14:36:36molto eccitante
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