Wife wants babysitter to suck husband's cock
Wife wants babysitter to suck husband's cock

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2012-06-09 00:28:35Maybe he's fucking the babysitter because the "wife" looks like she's fucking allergic to dick.

2012-02-14 23:52:45My wife knows that I fantasize about ass fucking our baby sitter. She's probably 18 or 19 and has the cutest little round bubble butt. To make me happy, my wife just knelt down in front of the chair and sucked me off while I watched this video. It was so fucking hot, especially when he was ass fucking the baby sitter with the wife encouraging him. I just about blew the back of her head off I came so hard. I must have shot a gallon of cum into her throat! Happy Valentine's Day to me!

2013-01-29 20:23:08Im+18+who+wanna+fuck+me?+From+dominican+republic

January 20, 2011nice cock

January 21, 2011Howard Stern Jerked off to this last night!

January 18, 2011Dream on ....

December 27, 2010dude we get the point, they can suck cock STFU

January 21, 2011robins crayzay

December 31, 2010man stop talking 2 me u stfu and comment on the movie

January 12, 2011the male must play in a comedy movie ffs look his face in the beginning!!!

January 22, 2011BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY! Had to see if it lived up to the hype. It did.

January 28, 2011That's right you teach him a lesson. I wish my wife would let me fuck the babysitter again. She only let me fulfill my fantasy once but well worth it. Now i have to let her fuck me and my best friend but what she dont realize me and him have been plotting this for a while.....lol....sorry hun :)

January 28, 2011Mel, you told her?....GOOD JOB MEL!!!!! lol

January 28, 2011Do it Mel or she'll fuckin divorce you....!!!

January 28, 2011mal ein wirklich geiles video die harten szenen am anfang und am schluss muessen nicht sein, aber die beiden girls sind absolute spitze und arschficken ist immer super

January 27, 2011suck my balls....yeah suck my balls

January 22, 2011I love the furnishings; they would look great in the Sirius lobby.

January 23, 2011i like the balls

December 27, 2010dam the sitter suck dick better then the wife .. i would love 4 both of them 2 suck my big black dick

December 14, 2010who is the sitter?

October 09, 2010ich will die beide sooo ficken, aber muss geduld,

October 13, 2010It is great dialogue

October 23, 2010mayb with another babysitter

October 09, 2010Anyone know the name of the movie?

October 06, 2010about the kids. keep on making dem babies

September 25, 2010What's the ****!?! Love love love!!!!

September 26, 2010Who is the babysitter? Who is she?

November 01, 2010LMAO, this is really believable

November 06, 2010weird but hot

December 13, 2010I want to be dominated by this couple.

January 28, 2011Plot? HAHAHAHAHAHA Babysitter's Name?

December 06, 2010there fucking weird dude.............. hot but extremely creepy at the same time

November 28, 2010After watching a lot on you porn.com this is the only one that really made be horny

November 09, 2010If the husband is around - why do they need a babysitter?

November 27, 2010I love the plot and dialogue, nearly pissed myself at - 'next time it'll be my foot up your ass' 'oh' Fucking genius stuff. I hope she learnt her lesson!

December 21, 2010joanne and nikki's comments are just bullshit lol trying to be nasty about it when we all know they didn't do any such thing

February 26, 2011If this is good enough for Howard Stern, it's good enough for me.

July 17, 2011NAIIIICE!

July 21, 2011whos watching the kid?

July 26, 2011Anyone know some names ?

July 09, 2011The wife looks like Cameron Diaz.

June 28, 2011Name of the movie? And the name of the cast? Ty.

June 19, 2011Whats the name of this girls?

June 21, 2011my ultimate fantasy, being dominated by a Domme couple mmmm

July 28, 2011This happens to me all the time.

August 22, 2011if i would walk in there on sucha moment i would be like o.o you cant be serious?

September 11, 2011Oh man that scene at 28mins that must be what heaven is like

September 17, 2011My girl just walked in on me jerking off laughing my ass off to this vid haha

September 08, 2011I loved the part where his wife was eating the babysitter's pussy and fondling his balls as he fucked the sitter. And where the wifey encouaged him to fuck the sitter in her ass. She should have let the sitter drool his cum into her mouth and then given it back to the sitter to swallow.

September 07, 2011I love the way the wife held the babysitters mouth open for her hubby to spunk into it & then encouraged her to swallow it. SO SEXY!.


September 04, 2011Que deliciosa leche la de este tio, no puedo imaginar sacar la verga de una concha como esa y darsela a una chica como esa otra. No se quien es mas afortunado, el por hacer eso, o ella por tomarse la leche...

June 10, 2011This dude was fucking hot with a big fat dick to match. I could suck on that baby all day long. Was some good acting in this and the husband had some attitude when they were sucking him.. Wish he had had a big cigar in his mouth when he was ordering them around. fuck

June 03, 2011I love watching the hot wife push the babysitter's face onto hubby's cock

March 04, 2011It seems like the wife just wants to watch free porn :D

March 07, 2011Lol

March 08, 2011LoL, love the ending!

March 04, 2011she do me to

March 01, 2011my boyf would never let me and girlf do that :(

February 24, 2011big cock

September 11, 2010if shes old enough to be one of their kids the fuck they even need a babysitter for in the first place

March 23, 2011vorrei essere una babysitter

March 28, 2011Crystal Ray @ her best, man!

May 30, 2011I love that fat hairy cock, what a handsome male !!! I wish I had his cock inside of me...

June 01, 2011Anyone from india want to do like that

May 05, 2011can the babysitter come to me

April 19, 2011pretty sad the girl before me can't spell COCK. Great video though! :D

March 29, 2011dudes face in beginning makes me think- what if Will Ferrel did a porno. plot reminds of clip I saw a few years ago only wife was more psycho and just believed the babysitter was fucking her man before she did the pseudo forced sex thing, both stories so ridiculous its comical, but still extremely hot

April 11, 2011great cook one of my fav. it made me cum..im a girl btw

February 19, 2011ilovedit

2014-08-05 09:40:41I sucked my boyfriend off until he cum in my mouth and I managed to swallow all the cum he shot into my throat all I could feel was his hot cock throbbing in my throat as he cum, it gave me a lot of energy and now I love swallowing cum

2014-10-06 03:08:12That's hot!!

2012-10-16 20:29:12i soooo wana have sex

2012-10-25 12:05:09@cynthia u can have soo sex every day ;)

November 10, 2012Crystal ray is stunning!

2012-09-09 21:55:01get a real life you bastards

2012-08-13 10:10:06waht is the name of the babysitter

2012-07-19 19:29:32Le mamo esa vajina que hermoso culea esa morena

2012-08-03 11:35:10love how this video make me feel it made me come all over my bed

2012-12-10 03:52:12the baby sitter;looks almost kinda like amanda byanes when she says "mel you told her " !

2012-12-19 09:28:50Who+is+this

2013-04-09 07:12:31i do

2013-04-16 06:36:27I+would+definitely+want+to+fuck+the+older+gal,+way+more+experience.+Definitely+get+off+to+the+first+fuck+not+the+second!+

2013-01-28 11:48:47the baby sitter;looks almost kinda like amanda byanes when she says "mel you told her " !

2013-01-17 15:01:49Nothing hotter than having one woman with her hand on my shaft shoving my dick into another woman's pussy...

2013-01-06 02:09:59Wow

2013-01-08 21:18:13Im+41+yo+and+i+love+to+fuck+with+my+daughter+and+her+boyfriend.+i+love+young+fresh+cocks+up+my+ass!

2012-07-01 01:14:13Tayla Fox is hot!

2012-06-19 12:11:32The wife is hotter than the babysitter... Both are hot. Nice cock for porn.

December 22, 2011Crystal Ray (Babysitter) and Tayla Fox (Mother). Check it out!

December 22, 2011Correction: Mother is Tayla Rox with Crystal Ray

January 10, 2012it look like they both enjoy it.

November 03, 2011anyone see him try to keep a straight face in the begininng?

October 17, 2011Who is the wife?? She's hottt!!

October 04, 2011I just suck all the cum off of my finger,s you had me so fucken hot.

October 16, 2011he is moaning more than the girl

January 16, 2012Amaing ! Crystal Ray is the baby sitter, and she is beautiful. ButTayla is much hotter I think !

January 27, 2012i wanna be his babysitter


2012-06-16 22:29:01You're Hired !

2012-02-10 16:59:30When that sweet babysitter swallowed hubby's spunk on the wife's command it was certain she would be invited back.
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